Nice to meet you. I'm Nicole.

I like snuggling and long walks on the beach... with a troop of my best friends. In fact, I spend hours at Baker Beach, Chrissy Fields and Presidio every day.

I am a huge outdoor enthusiast. I love hiking, surfing, biking... anything with the sun on my face. I’ve been walking dogs for 15 years and love the connection I have made with each and every one my dogs.

I have a 16 year old puppy named Daisy who is the light of my life! Honestly, just look at that cute face!

Where we pick up from

In order to keep the time spent in the car to a minimal, Golden Gate Pooch Patrol only picks up pooches from homes in:

  • Marina
  • Nob Hill
  • Russian Hill
  • Pac Heights

Our favorite places to patrol

Ocean Beach

This is our favorite place to take in the magnificent views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Crissy Field

We love to play fetch in the water and roll around in the sand at Crissy Field!

Fort Funston

We come here afternoons in the summer to hike up and down the trails

At Golden Gate Pooch Patrol, we believe...

in small groups

When you have large groups, your poor pooch spends at least an hour in the back of the care waiting to walk. How miserable for them!

in cuddle therapy

All dogs needs lots of love! Every dog in my pack gets one on one time with me. I believe in the power of play and praise!

in doing more for you

Need your dog dropped off at the groomers? The vet’s? Looking for a dog sitter? I offer a full suite of concierge services for my clients.


Join Us for Yappy Hour this Summer!

Once a quarter, the puppy parents are invited to bring their pups to a group playdate and get to know each other over a glass of wine (or two). Dates will be posted soon!

Our Bear Makes 7×7′s ‘Cutest Dog in SF 2013′ List

Our resident princess, was recently honored by 7×7 magazine as one of the top 50 cutest dogs in San Francisco. Competition was fierce, but Bear, you are always the cutest in our books!

Golden Gate Patrol Now Accepting New Pooches!

We’ve recently began to add new dogs to our group. Because groups are capped at six, the dogs enjoy more time hitting the pavement (or surf…or trails…) and less time couped up in a car.

Meet the dogs

  • dog-bella


    I’m a lover, not a fighter. I can put a smile on anyone’s face.

  • dog-bella2


    “I may be small but I am fast and I love refereeing playtime.  Someone has to do it, you know?

  • dog-buster


    I just want to play and cuddle on your lap.  I promise I am a lap dog!

  • dog-greta


    I am just a little pup but I already have so much personality! I’m sweet, adventurous and love to snuggle.

  • dog-harvey


    I may be small with little legs but man I waddle fast…especially when chasing my lab friends!

  • dog-lucy


    I love balls, treats, and long runs on the beach.  Can I be your copilot to the beach?

  • dog-ralph


    Play is my middle name.  If you want a friend, I am your guy!  I am ready to roll with anyone and everyone who wants a good romp!

  • dog-ramey


    The ocean is my true love.  Combine that with a ball and I am one happy lab.

  • I’ve had many different dog walkers since I moved to the city 5 years ago. I never trusted anyone as completely as I do Nicole with my little Marnie.

    Jane Hanks
  • I have a yellow lab that has so much energy. I used to come home to a torn apart house everyday. Now  I come home to him snoozing instead. Thanks, Nicole!

    Carmen Hartoch
  • My husband and I are very busy, so the concierge servie has been a lifesaver! Our pug gets dropped off at the vet, the groomers, and we come home to a happy, healthy puppy.

    Donna Jackson

Pricing & Payments


Daily Rates

$25 per walk / $40 per full day

Monthly Packages

$286 - 1 walk per day, 3 days a week

$460 - 1 walk per day, 5 days a week

$720 - 2 walks (full day, 5 days a week)


Daily Rates

$40 per walk / $70 per full day

Monthly Packages

$444 - 1 walk per day, 3 days a week

$700 - 1 walk per day, 5 days a week

$1200 - 2 walks (full day, 5 days a week)


services charged a la cart

vet and groomer drop off + pickup

health certificates and travel documents

toothbrushing, flea + heart worm prevention

monthly dog food delivery service


online payments coming soon!

Customers, please enter the dollar amount on your monthly invoice to pay via Paypal or credit card.

Get in touch with us

Golden Gate Pooch Patrol is accepting new members! Please email us at to set up an interview with your poochie.

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